5 Muscles Women Love

Jim Pierce - Staff Writer


I'm married... and I love my wife dearly.

That being said... I also enjoy getting "the look" from other ladies when
I'm out and about.
Heck, who wouldn't?
Like yesterday whan I was walking through the grocery store only to have
a beautiful young woman look me up and down... and then flashed a big smile
at me.

It sure makes you feel good - like you still have "it."
Would you like to get that look? Would you like to have women (including your significant other) drooling over you?
Well in a recent study of over 1,000 women - researchers asked females to
name bodyparts on a male that make them "melt."
Here are the Top 5 Muscles Women Love:

#5 - Sculpted Shoulders
Wide, scultpted shoulders make you look "large" and in a good way.

#4 - Big Arms
Women see a man with "big guns" and they think he can do ANYTHING!Fend off a mugger, build a house, and literally sweep them off their feet.

#3 - A Nice Butt
Women check out your butt because it's a clue to your worthiness as a
physical specimen.If you're in great shape, it carries high. Otherwise, your rear end droops like a sack of old potatoes.

#2 - A Big, Powerful Chest
Women like our chest, as much as we love theirs.  It's true.

#1 - Lean & Powerful Midsection
Having a lean midsection is the foundation of a great physique and demands
respect from both sexes.

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