5 "Tricks" That Will Add Years To Your Life

Christopher A. Jenkins - Staff Writer


If you are interested in adding years to life - do these 5 things every day:

  • Eat a Ton of Green Veggies Daily - adds 5 years
  • Having An Active Hobby - adds close to 2 years
  • Floss Your Teeth Daily - adds MORE than 6 years!
  • Have Sex Often - adds about 5 years
  • Work Out Intensely Every Week - adds 4 years and more!

All the above has been shown to add 22+ years to your life.

I kind of didn't believe it when I first read that study. But overall when I talk to people who are older and healthy, leading full and active lives - they almost always tell me their 'secret' is a combination of the above 5 things.

Just goes to show, some studies really do make sense.

But offhand, I can't think of anyone I know who is older, vibrant and healthy, who smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, eats fast food like it's going out of style, sits behind a desk all day and then parks in front of the TV all night.

As a matter of fact... those are the same people who, after developing an illness or disease 'out of the blue' are begging for help as to how to fix their condition. And instead of downing pills every day and walking around scared to live, it sure seems easier to incorporate a few of these very natural and proven methods that add years to your lifespan.

You wanna test it; I know I'm going too.

I'm also going to do three 4 Minute Abs workouts per week to not only get those extra 4+ years... but to look my better for my wife for those other 22+ extra years that I'm going to be on this Earth.

Research has been shown that these workouts are not only BETTER for your heart than normal cardio, but burn fat 900% more than normal cardio too!

To learn more about this type of workout, you can click here.


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