Burn Fat While You Sleep

Jim Pierce - Staff Writer









Research says the average guy needs around 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to feel his best.Our ancestors were cavemen... this means we're designed to live in caves. 

Your bedroom should be pitch dark.   And unplug everything:TV, alarm clock, cell phones, etc.They all emit radiation.

Get rid of these things and you'll reduce stress and sleep better.

Making your bedroom the 'Bat Cave' alone will increase the amount of melatonin and Growth Hormone you produce when you're asleep. That alone will help you lose body fat.

Now you could move to the middle of nowhere for perfect silence and darkness; but why not start with these less "wild" tips to help you sleep through the night:


1)  Turn out the lights.

Keep your bedroom dark by turning off the lights, including your smartphone, computer, and television. If you can, shut it of... like your alarm clock... cover the display.


2) Shut out the world.

Use light-blocking curtains and shades to keep the neon lights of the neighborhood bar from ruining your sleep.


3)  Neutralize noises.

Use a 'white noise' generator (I use a fan) to mask the sound of the dripping faucet, your wife snoring, or a barking dog.


Give it a try and let me know how it goes. I promise that you won't only feel better... but you'll look better as well.

If you REALLY want to look better (and feel better) then you have to lose some belly fat. Don't worry; I'm not gonna tell you to eat boiled chicken and raw spinach.

In fact, there are shortcuts to this that don’t require you to change your diet at all! Click here to learn more.


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