Creepy Weight Lost Trick On The News...

Jon Martin - Staff Writer


I thought I'd seen it all.

But NOTHING could have prepared me for what I witnessed last night watching the 10 o'clock news.

In between the reports about robberies and vandalism, they had a segment on some clinic's new breakthrough in weight loss that has people shedding 20 lbs in as little as two weeks -- without doing any exercise!

Naturally, I was interested considering that a 20 pound fat loss in 2 weeks without exercise is pretty remarkable.

But... my interest quickly turned to HORROR when I saw what that clinic did to achieve those results!

Get this: Instead of prescribing a workout and sensible eating plan that anyone could follow...

...They actually inserted a FEEDING TUBE through their clients nose into their stomachs... and pumped them with some liquid glob instead of good nutritious food for two weeks!

Now look, I know what it feels like to be absolutely desperate tolose weight. Most of us have been there.

But I can't imagine going through all that just to shed a few pounds. Especially when you can virtually lose just about the same amount of fat by simply following a reasonable diet and brief exercise program like best selling author Jake Hunter shares in is 4 Minute Abs book.

Not only is that a much healthier way to go, but the results you get from that are more likely to last than if you just starved yourself.


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