4 Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism

Jeff Goldstein - Staff Writer


It's Jackson's Birthday today (my son) and we're heading to the Water Park for a day of fun in the Sun!

Today is my "off day" anyways... now even though I won't be working out today, my metabolism is gonna be burning "fat as fuel" because of the 4 techniques below...

Pretty cool, huh?

We'll here are the 4 ways to rev up your metabolism fast:

1)  Eat More Iron
Iron is essential for carrying the oxygen your muscles need to burn fat.If you have low levels of iron in your body you run the risk of low energy and a sagging metabolism.Shellfish, lean meats, beans, fortified cereals, and spinach are excellent sources.

2)  Eat Watermelon
The amino acid arginine, abundant in watermelon, might promote weightloss, according to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition. Researchers supplemented the diets of obese mice with arginine over3 months and found that it decreased body-fat gains by a whopping 64 percent. Adding this amino acid to the diet enhanced the oxidation of fat and glucose and increased lean muscle, which burns more calories than fat does.

3)  Get More Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is essential for preserving metabolism-revving muscle tissue. Unfortunately, researchers estimate that a measly 20 percent of Americans take in enough through their diet. Get 90 percent of your recommended daily value (400 IU) in a 3.5-ounce serving of salmon. Other good sources: tuna, fortified milk and cereals, and eggs.

4)  Stop Doing Cardio - IMMEDIATELY!

The problem is the way most of us exercise (long, boring cardio…sit ups crunches and what not) are done for the purpose  for making the gains including fat loss and muscle gain at the gym – not after, which is the most important part.For example, most people will go to the gym, hop on the exercise bike and peddle away for an hour because it will burn lets say 500 calories.

And they figure if they just do that every day for 6 days, they would have burned about ¾ of a pound of fat by the end of the weekSounds good in theory.

But the problem with doing it that way is just ONE wrong meal could sabotage an entire week of working out!

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